I was clueless as a new parent

Coming home after spending a week in the NICU with my first baby was scary, and made me feel like I was completely clueless.  In fact, when our midwife came to see us at home for the first time she asked me when I had bathed him last and I realized we'd been home about half a week and he hadn't been bathed ever.  Oops! 

And it didn't get easier with subsequent babies.  Did you know baby girls get a period in their first few weeks of life? Me either until I changed my baby's diaper and saw blood and instantly went into panic mode! 

I created this class to let you and your partner have the knowledge I didn't when I brought my baby home, With humour and stories, I offer you up-to-date information, tips and tricks and more, so that you can feel more confident with your new role as parent. 

What To Expect

  • Baby Hygiene & Dressing

    You will learn the basics of how to diaper, dress and bathe your infant. Through discussion, video and demonstration, I will get you comfortable with handling your new little human.

  • Soothing & Managing Baby's Fussiness

    Offering a variety of techniques and tips including swaddling, and the 5S's, I will help make caring for your baby's crying easier to manage.

  • Infant Sleep

    Through video, discussion and evidenced based information, I will help you manage the first few months of sleeplessness with baby. Why isn't baby sleeping, how to get more sleep for baby and how to get more sleep for you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Infant Care Workshop

    • Introduction

    • Course Handouts

    • Newborn Appearance

    • Diapering & Dressing

    • Baby Hygiene

    • Soothing And Swaddling Your Newborn

    • Infant Sleep

    • Bonus Video - Skin To Skin

    • Infant Care Evaluation


Dual Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula

Kimberley Fernandez

I have been a Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator for over 16 years and have worked with many families during their birth, postpartum and infant feeding journeys. My favourite part of my job is education. Offering information on things we know so little about or have been terrified of by the Hollywood version of this time of your life, or worse, Googling things and getting scary, information that may not pertain to you. Through my courses, I hope you will be able to see your journey with less trepidation and more excitement and confidence.

Social proof: testimonials

I Took Your Classes Jan & Feb 2022

Richa S.

I took your classes in Jan and Feb 2022. And I want to send you a big big thank you for sharing very specific practices for normal delivery. The one which worked the most for me was to not hold jaws tight while pushing. Oh my God I could feel that whenever I consciously remembered to push with relaxed jaws , the push was resulting in some success. Thank you for course and experience shared during class. It helped me towards normal delivery. Take care ! Thank you Richa

Kimberley Was Great!

Anonymous - Aug 22, 2022

Kimberley was great, she explained the reason for each thing to happen (e.g. why baby wake up every 2 hours? The stomach is super small), gave statistics of the chance of things to happen (e.g. use of forceps...I could see the chances were remote), and answered all of the questions. She did a great work. The online version worked well in terms of giving the knowledge and being convenient to attend.